Welcome to Lockdown FM

Lockdown 100.7 FMBroadcasting on the frequency of 100.7 FM to Chandler’s Ford, the surrounding areas of Eastleigh and North Baddesley, and streaming online via the Internet, we are Lockdown FM, your Coronoavirus (Covid-19) crisis community radio station.

Lockdown FM is voluntary service, established to support our community during this difficult time by broadcasting useful information, updates and entertainment.  Our temporary broadcast licence allows us to currently operate until midnight on the 5th of September 2020, so we are here to support our community as much as we can during this time.

Chandler's FordWe’re reaching out to all areas of the community, such as voluntary groups or organisations, local businesses, surgeries, pharmacies or schools, looking to send a message to our listeners. Please see our Broadcast Messages page for more information.

We have a “Community and Schools Information Update Hour” at 10am Monday to Saturday.  This to allow local schools to communicate with their students via the radio, members of our community to send messages to friends and family, or for community groups, voluntary groups and local businesses to send valuable or important message to Lockdown FM listeners.

community_supportLockdown FM is a zero revenue generating radio station, therefore we are not charging for any forms of messaging or promotions.  We firmly believe, given the impact that the coronavirus restrictions have had on local businesses, that charging for advertising would be akin to kicking our local business when they are already down.  For that reason, if you are a local business who would like to use Lockdown FM to help support your business, we will do this free of charge.  Please see our Broadcast Messages page for more information.

Finally, if members of the community are able to record a radio show from home, then we’d love to hear from you.

Working as a community, we will get through this difficult time together, and Lockdown FM is here to support you. Thank-you for the amazing support we’ve received from our wonderful community so far, and we hope you enjoy listening to Lockdown FM, and find us a useful and valuable radio service.


Community Action Response: COVID-19